Group Facilitaton

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Group Facilitation

Are you looking for a plenary speaker who specializes in personal and career development facilitation for your next team development meeting, conference, or association event? Martina can develop a customized group learning session or presentation on topics including:  

  • Work-Life Balance. Build awareness of current blocks to work-life balance and the motivators for change. Understand current market trends and how to position yourself for future career opportunities. Design steps and actions for improving work-life balance.
  • Career Strategy Skills. Build personal awareness of current communication and networking skills and learn new skills to: Build brand reputation and career relationships, network with confident, and interviewing successfully with prep, practice, and presence. 
  • Workplace Communication. Prepare effectively for performance reviews. Review and unpack work-life performance challenges. Re-frame and improve interpersonal communication skills, listening skills, and conversational savvy to ensure success and satisfaction in the workplace. 

Interesting in Reaching Out to Martina? Full and mini plenary speaker sessions are available.