Interviewing and Networking During COVID-19

Has it been a while since you last interviewed? Is your job search not going well? Not sure how to navigate a career world now operating online and through video conferencing? Martina is here to help!

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Work With Me

Career Change

Discover how to reimagine your skillset to future proof your career options and conquer the fear of career change. 

Create Your Career Strategy

Gain a clear sense of your values, interests, strengths, and where you fit best in today’s marketplace.

Work-Life Balance

Conquer the balancing act between work and life and learn how to squash burnout before it hurts you personally and professionally.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Discover how the skills, connections, strength, and mistakes learned from your career can help empower you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

My process and philosophy

Career Path Readiness

Emotional Intelligence

Discover where your emotional perceptions are helping or hindering you. Learn how to use your assessment results to better your decision making, self-expression, and interpersonal relationships at work.


Find out what truly motivates you and use that awareness to build career resilience, make career choices and find success and satisfaction in your work and life.  

The Birkman

Discover how your needs, interests, and stress behaviour can shape your life and how others experience you. Learn how to use it to guide your career choices and relationships to stay motivated, engaged and build career resilience. 


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What are people saying

Martina’s approach to coaching allowed me to identify fresh new ways to think about my life, and I still find myself reflecting on some of her questions when I hit a roadblock. She was able to assist me with finding solutions to situations that I was struggling with.

Stephanie WarnerCareer Educator

Martina helped me find the strategies that helped me focus and be sure about my skill set: most importantly, to know my value proposition. She was able to map it out visually which was great as this is the best way I digest information. A big bonus working with her was how personable she is; I always felt comfortable and therefore, she got the best out of me.

Ella ClarensLife & Style Journalist

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