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Stepping into the unknown can be frightening, but with the right assistance it can still be manageable.
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Career Strategist Calgary Martina Payette

Undergoing Career Change

How would it feel to have a clear sense of your values, interests and strengths and where you fit best in today’s marketplace?   Are you ready to explore what you really want and put the career puzzle pieces together?

Career Strategist Calgary Martina

Gaining Confidence

What would work life look and feel like if you had full confidence in yourself? If you knew what you really wanted to do?  If you had a path or an instruction guide to follow?  

Job Career Strategist Calgary Martina Payette

Developing Resiliency & Flexibility

How would it feel to Be U and have the resilience and agility to find work-life satisfaction in our increasingly uncertain, confusing, and rapidly changing workplace?

Calgary Career Coach and STRATEGIST

For Individuals

Find the confidence you know you have inside and use it to find the courage to make the move you know you need.  Whether it’s  transitioning into a new career area, industry, or lifestyle, Martina can help you explore new ways to see challenges and open opportunities; identify pathways forward, clarify skill and competence requirements, access key research resources, and help you build the relationships you need to succeed, your way.  Ready to take that courageous leap into your future?  Book your free initial conversation today. 

Calgary career STRATEGIST

For Entrepreneurs

You’ve always wanted to branch out into entrepreneurship so you can stop working for everyone else and start working for yourself.  You just haven’t found the courage to start, yet. You know this is a make or break moment for the beginning of your new lifestyle.  Martina will work alongside you to sort through your expertise, assumptions, and strengths to help you find the best way forward.  She’ll work together with you to help you identify what’s getting in your way, help you design solutions and actions that fit your work style and organizational values and goals.  She’ll help you identify the core business structures that will support your entrepreneurial mind-set and business growth. Ready to step into starting your entrepreneurial journey with a trusted coach by your side? Book your free initial conversation today. 

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What are people saying

Martina’s approach to coaching allowed me to identify fresh new ways to think about my life, and I still find myself reflecting on some of her questions when I hit a roadblock. She was able to assist me with finding solutions to situations that I was struggling with.

Stephanie WarnerCareer Educator

Martina helped me find the strategies that helped me focus and be sure about my skill set: most importantly, to know my value proposition. She was able to map it out visually which was great as this is the best way I digest information. A big bonus working with her was how personable she is; I always felt comfortable and therefore, she got the best out of me.

Ella ClarensLife & Style Journalist

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You are feeling frustrated and unable to find positions that fit your skill set?
You have lost your confidence and the courage to make a move?

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