Career & Life Assessments

Don’t Assessments Just Gather Dust?

Often, sadly yes!

The questionnaire and your review are completed and the document hits the recycle bin or the bottom of a desk drawer. It doesn’t have to!

So why bother?

Being “assessed” can raise fears of “not being enough”, “not knowing”, or “not being right”. It’s not comfortable to receive others’ assessments. And yet, humans are assessment machines!

When you have that feeling that something is not aligned or it becomes an Oh $*&#! moment/recurring one, professionally-tested assessment tools can provide the starting line for self-understanding, reflection, information gathering, and exploration. They help you to build awareness of misalignments or habits that no longer serve you. That is the first step in shifting to creating and practicing new ways of understanding, communicating and being in a relationship with yourself and others. Seeing the whole landscape provides the context for generating new results in your self, life, and work relationships.

As you embark on a change, building awareness through assessments can highlight areas of your life/work that you may not have thought needed attention. I have worked with different assessment tools over time and my current preferred well-researched tools are:

  • Life Wheel – I personally like to call it, the Life Pie, to make it more appetizing!
  • Personal Values Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence – EQ-i 2.0 and A comprehensive career, life, and social relations assessment,
  • The Birkman MethodTM

Certified in Established Time-tested Assessments

EQ-i 2.0

Emotional Intelligence: Self-Perception | Self-Expression | Interpersonal | Decision Making | Stress Management

The Birkman Method™

Motivation | Self-Perception | Social Perception | Mindset | Stress Management | Career Interest/Fit

Emotional Intelligence

Are you experiencing communication and emotional regulation challenges that are stalling your career/life results?

Understand your emotional habits. Get curious about what has you stuck or stalled and not achieving the impact you are imagining in your work/life. Then create personal growth strategies and goals to improve your emotional agility as a career changer, job seeker, employee, leader, or your own boss.

In this assessment package you’ll receive:

  • EQ-i 2.0 questionnaire access
  • Comprehensive EQ assessment results
  • 90 min coaching session to take your insights into action

Birkman Method™

Are you experiencing challenges changing your work/life relationships or unclear about your career path?

The Birkman™ Assessment offers a  comprehensive assessment for personal awareness and growth. You’ll confirm what you know about how you present yourself to others, what you keep to yourself, how that affects your stress behaviour and the types of careers/ organizations fit best and find insights for new practices and better results.  You’ll have a baseline for career/life change choices so you can show up more authentically.

In this assessment package you’ll receive:

  • The Birkman™ questionnaire access
  • Comprehensive report for personal growth and career interest clarity
  • 90 min coaching session to take your insights into action

Why wait until you are stuck?

Clarify your Starting Place!