How It Works

Martina’s 1-1 and group coaching services are based on a reciprocal commitment. Changing to align our minds, hearts, and physical habits can take a minute or two! 🙂  Your commitment to yourself is as important as my commitment to helping you get to the root cause of why you want to make a change.

You can expect to be invited into creative conversations that ask you to be Attentive, Accountable, Compassionate, Curious, Courageous, Creative, Present, Disciplined, and Open as we work together to unfold your journey through change.  Lightness and Laughter are also a part of the journey of working with me as your coach.

Confidentiality is a high priority, as is trust. We build that together to create a safe space for exploration and challenge, alongside the lightness and fun needed to learn effectively.

Where to Begin?

I’m curious, just browsing/researching

I want to know more about Martina’s approach to coaching.

Great to Meet You! Not clear or convinced about the power of coaching to help you create the life you imagine?

  • Subscribe to my new Courage to Connect Community (C2C) to acquaint yourself with my approach and expertise. That includes sharing with the community in free bi-monthly group sessions. It only gets better with more voices.
  • Follow me on social media – Most often on  LinkedIn, Randomly on Facebook, Instagram
  • Clear up questions before you decide. Let’s chat, on a Clarity Q&A Call 

I have an immediate need that I want to fix.

I’m interested in Martina’s help with a career/life-change tactical challenge.

Welcome! I look forward to meeting you to resolve a specific challenge!

  • Get It Done-Coaching Hour to address an immediate need
  • Clear up questions before you book – Let’s chat! Book a Q&A Clarity Call
  • Follow me on social media. Most often on  LinkedIn, Randomly on Facebook, Instagram

I’m ready to get started with a Personalized Start Here package.

I’m interested in Martina’s help with getting past my barriers.  These working sessions help you assess your starting place and create a strategy for the steps needed to meet your career/life change goals.

Fantastic! Stepping into a bit of courage to connect as you embark on a change.  I like it!  I’m honoured to help you get started with an audit. 

I have a comprehensive process, including 1-1 coaching, research, personalized tips and an action plan custom-made for/with you.

The Personal Start Here package includes:

  • 3 hours of 1-1 coaching
  • Review of your core values with a trusted values assessment to set the playing field
  • Gap analysis to clarify resourcing needs
  • Research & recommendations of organizations or resources to help you re-set and learn to trust yourself
  • Personalized tips for how to connect to the resource network you need
  • Bonus – subscribe to the new Courage to Connect Community and receive a second month free (that includes access to bi-monthly group sessions to accelerate your success)

I’m ready to invest in getting to the root of my inklings. I am ready to work toward better life/career alignment.

I want to commit to the time it takes to refresh, design, create, and live the career/life I can imagine. (Minimum 3-month purchase)

Woo Hoo!  I look forward to coaching you as you deepen your self-wisdom and transform your being, lifestyle, and work life.  It’s time to BE U and thrive as you move through the changes your inklings are pointing you toward.

  • Weekly 1-hour 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Free access to the Courage to Connect Community for the duration of your package (includes access to bi-monthly group sessions)
  • Access to Email conversations and Q&A requests for resources
  • Help with gathering research to curate the best information for career, industry, lifestyle, and entrepreneurial topics, and connections that match your information and relationship/community connection goals.
  • Personalized tip sheets generated from coaching sessions upon request
  • 20% discount on courses, Personal/Leadership Development assessment tools (Values, Birkman Method, EQi-2.0), workbooks and other free resources to aid you along the way.

Why wait until you are stuck?

Clarify your Starting Place!