Meet Martina

Welcome, I’m excited that you found this starting place! I have “meandered” my way through life, with work as a creative source of energy. I’ve had twists, turns, and learning opportunities like everyone. I am grateful for the privilege I’ve had in my life.

The most rewarding moments in my life all began with my hands on my chin (the thinker pose), an inkling in my heart, and my thought bubble full of frustration, sadness, concern, and uncertainty!

“I feel the need for a change. What is needed and where do I start? with who? and how?”

Looking inward has and is always where the answers lay. I walk, journal, and talk my way to a starting place, sometimes, a few too many starting places. It’s a fiery Aries need to chase shiny things, kinda challenge. Yet, the chaos has never steered me wrong. And with coaches, mentors, and great friends, I have always been able to continuously create new work and life opportunities for myself.  And they have met my high expectations and need for purpose and meaning.

“Change is the air we breathe to meet our potential in this one life.”
Martina Payette

No one really wants to waste this one life! And, yet, we do, we get scared, stuck, lost and find ourselves “in the middle”. We push away our inklings and stick with the status quo, in jobs, careers, and places, with people, confused from the outside in.

I know how that goes. The Outside-in frame of reference creates gaps in our wholeness. That results in leading our lives from what we “should” do v. what we “get” to do. Shifting to an inside-out frame of reference allows us to live our own best lives alongside the realities of outside cultural perspectives.

I’ve turned all my years of personal and professional learning into helping people embrace the chaos and find the freedom to BE. To step into the courage to listen to the inklings, the stirrings of change and build the confidence to design, create, and live a life they CAN imagine.

Listen to My Philosophy and Process
Body & Movement Coach Training

Coached thousands of Canadian & US transition clients as an Associate for LHH and VelvetJobs, Owner/Coach-BEing U Coaching, and Career Consultant, UCalgary, Haskayne School of Business

My Career Journey

Entrepreneurship, Coaching & Consulting

10+ years Self-Employed Business Owner, PCC & NCC Certified Coach, Constant Coaching Conversations with coaches, mentors, and friends. BEing U Coaching  Learning Facilitator & Imagineer! Co-Founder, the tfoundation-Art/Business Collaboration, and Consultant- Helped thousands of people transition through career changes through coaching and job search support as Owner/Coach-BEing U Coaching Consultant-VelvetJobs Past Consultant-LHH & UCalgary Career Centres

Leadership Leap

A 20 year career in UCalgary Career Centres culminating in a move from a Haskayne Career Centre Web & Information Systems XCampus team role to a leap into people Leadership as Director, of Career Services, leading a diverse staff of 15. Did not hit the Easy button on this one!

Gig Jobs

LHH, VelvetJobs Career Consulting, Newfield Network Enrolment and sales team, UCalgary UTI Tech Transfer Communications  and Tempting with various temp agencies – what else does an Arts grad do as a first job?

Career Start

Pool Supervisor / Swimming Instructor / Swim Team coach /Lifeguard. This was the start to honing my coaching, teaching and L&D skills and passion for learning.

Education & Certifications

PCC, NCC – Newfield Network Coach training and Certification, Body & Movement Coach Training, EQ-i-2.0 & 360 Certification, Birkman MethodTM Certification, 2 years Integrative Body Psychotherapy (trauma) training, UCalgary, BA-Sociology, MRU-Political Science SAIT-Inaugural Computer Programming Program class (out of my comfort zone and yet, contributed to my interest and knowledge of IT and tech in the workplace

Continuous Learner

Active learner as part of World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) annual conferences, Narrative Coaching, Trauma Collective annual conferences, Newfield Network Alumni Room Assistant & Alumni Committee Member

My Learning Addictions!

Personal Growth & Transformation | Human Potential anything!| Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Cree Language | Circular Economics | Innovation | Leadership | Workplace & Industry Trends | Secret Teachings of Plants

Oh and did I mention POETRY?

Creative Writing – Poetry in Particular

Enjoying endless cups of coffee & tea

Spending time with trees, ferns, oceans, lakes, rivers, kids, cats, and dogs

Why wait until you are stuck?

Clarify your Starting Place!