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You can find happiness at work! Once I help you figure out your unique career fit, you’ll have a clear path to what fits you and what provides the work-life satisfaction you are longing for. 

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Everyone has a unique communication style. Once I help you find yours, your individual and leadership challenges will ease, your confidence will resurface, and your work-life satisfaction will improve.

Are You Stressed Out?

Resilient and engaging relationships make life meaningful. Once I help you figure out your unique stressors, your relationship stress will ease and work-life satisfaction will improve.

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About Martina

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning

– William Ward

My work-life journey has been full of wonderful people, challenging times, and continuous learning. I’m proud to have grown up on the Alberta prairie and discovered Sociology, Career Development, and Coaching at UCalgary. My big sky, wide open prairie optimism, pragmatic nature, love of people and conversations, together with taking on the occasional family peacemaker role – have been an integral part of my interest in how humans develop, learn, and create 100% work-life satisfaction in a changing and technologically advanced world.  My 26 years in the career development space has included 20 years as part of the UCalgary Haskayne School of Business Career Centre and Career Services teams, as well as 7 years as an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant, including 5 years as a Career Transition Coach with LHH Knightsbridge in Calgary.

My curiosity keeps me learning about how we humans navigate life and the conversations that help us be our best each day, while navigating the challenges of living life and working well. I bring the human elements of personal presence, emotional intelligence, and language into helping clients define and find work-life satisfaction.  My work has been focused on career development and transition, a BA in Sociology, 2 years of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) learning, Body and Movement coach training, and NCC & PCC Certified/ICF accredited Newfield Network Coach Training program. I have coached and supported hundreds of clients through their career transition and personal change challenges, while also honing my own professional coaching skills by working personally with MCC Certified and IBP personal and business coaches and counsellors.

My specialty is creating and delivering work-life satisfaction, career transition learning, and coaching programs for individuals, small business teams, community organizations, along with personalized 1-on-1 career strategy coaching.  It brings me a lot of joy to be an advocate for self-care, personal leadership for a connected world, and helping people succeed in their search for meaningful, satisfying work and workplaces.

Martina is a Professional Certified Coach

Why Do The Inner Work?

Neuroscience is proving that as an emotional, physical, and intellectual human being you are capable of great change and accomplishment in your life. Doing the inner work allows to you to bring unconscious habits into view, learn from them and build practices that serve you and help you design a satisfying work-life balance. (BirkmanTM & EQ-i2.0 are great assessments for inner work).

Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

What’s all the buzz about Emotional Intelligence and the Entrepreneurial mindset?  What’s so different in today’s workplaces?  Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are exhausted or more easily frustrated these days?  Maybe you are finding it difficult to re-create your work identity as a means to career progression?

You are not alone; the technical and personal leadership skills of today’s workplace require new skills and personal resilience.  The service and communication-based work world may be stretching your personal coping skills beyond your comfort zone.  Learn more about how to make your emotions work for you rather than disrupt you, as well as how to gain the self-awareness and entrepreneurial mind-set that you need for work-life satisfaction in today’s workplaces.   (BirkmanTM &  EQ-i2.0  are great assessments for inner work).

How would it feel if you had a clear idea of where to start and what the key is to increase your level of work-life satisfaction?  Below are a few questions that can help you begin to bring awareness to areas of your life that may need a little attention. 


You are the energy source of your life, and your energy directly affects your capacity to feel confident and do the work of your career and your life. What are your physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices? Are you in the midst of personal change or navigating a family member’s challenges? Martina can help you explore techniques to improve your own well-being and revitalize your energy source in order to improve your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

Competence and Compensation

Are you noticing that your work to-do’s are most often last on the list or become “home” work? Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and wondering where your work-life balance went?  Or are you instead bored, frustrated, or unengaged in your role?  Martina can help you commit to learning new skills in order to work more effectively, or look for new opportunities to help you stay on top of your tasks or overcome your slump.

Environment and Culture

Are you finding your commute a drain on your energy? Is the physical environment of your workspace working for you? How about the values and products of your organization? Are you no longer able to align with the values of or direction your leadership, department, company, or industry is going? Martina can help you sort through these questions, so your commute and your environment can better suit your individual needs.


Are you noticing that your time and energy are spent mostly on communication challenges in your personal or professional relationships? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with information and unable to clearly understand what others expect of you? Have you recently moved into a new role and noticed a drop in your confidence or ability to meet the expectations of the role? Communication is a learned skill, and Martina can help you gain confidence in listening to people, understanding what they’re really saying, and having the courage to ask for help when you need it.

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