Do you find yourself feeling
“I Need a change!”

“What? And Where do I start?”

Turn your Inklings into Opportunities!

You can sense the stirrings, the inklings, of change

You might find yourself feeling stalled, confused, frustrated and uncertain
with that sense that something is calling you to shift how you are operating in your life/work.

But where do you start?  Getting started can seem impossible and confusing.
You don’t feel ready. You don’t have the right information. Let’s face it, it’s all too overwhelming.

So why follow your inklings? 

There are lots of reasons to push the call to change aside for a while.
It is easier to stick with the status quo, it has worked in the past. It feels safer to stay in your comfort zone.
Transitional moments are fear-inducing. Transformation can be intense and hard work.
And the distraction of living vicariously through social media can feel like enjoying life for the moment.

We humans love to be comfortable.
It’s easier to side with resistance.

However, this resistance to change and need for comfort is literally leading us to unhealthy habits that are killing us!

Resistance to inner personal growth suppresses our ability to adapt to
the constant and rapid change that surrounds us.
We become spectators as we lose our freedom.

It doesn’t have to be that way!    and I get it!

It’s our own special brand, of resistance
that stops us from taking that first step Toward a Change

Being a beginner is not easy as an adult.  We are masters at getting in our own way! 

Why continue to create suffering within yourself and the relationships that surround you?
Learn to listen in and nurture your inklings and reconnect to the freedom within you.

Coaching conversations are my way to serve.
I’m here to see you through to finding your pathway past resistance.
To turn your inklings into possibilities. And design a life you can imagine.

What Change Is Needed At This Moment? What Can You See For Yourself?

What change deserves the 1-1 attention of a coach?

(rather than your couch)


What’s Your Special Brand of Resistance?

Welcome!  I’m Martina.

I’m here to help you listen in, trust your inklings. Begin. Take a first step. So your special brand of resistance won’t have you missing out on the opportunities and freedom that an aligned life offers. I help you clarify your starting place and direction, and locate the navigational tools you need to build confidence. The confidence needed to design, create and live into a future you can imagine.

Access both personalized 1-1 and group coaching services in a safe, caring and creative environment.

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Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.
– William Ward

Why wait until you are stuck?

Clarify your Starting Place!