Do you find yourself feeling
“I Need a change!”

“What? And Where do I start?”

Turn your Inklings into Opportunities!

Where do I Start?

You can sense the stirrings, the inklings, of change.

Yet, starting without knowing enough can feel like you are not ready.
It can feel confusing, too soon, and let’s face it, all too overwhelming.
Start with a question.
“What change is needed at this moment? What can I see for myself?”

What change deserves the 1-1 attention of a coach?

(rather than your couch)

Job/Career Change

Confidence/Mind-Set Change

Life Change

Why wait until you are stuck!

Hello and Welcome!
I’m Martina.

I’m here to help you listen in, trust your inklings and start. So you won’t miss out on the opportunities that an aligned life offers. My process helps you clarify your starting place, your direction, and the navigational tools you need to build the confidence to design, create and live into a future you can imagine.

Access both personalized 1-1 and group coaching services in a safe, caring and creative environment.

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.
– William Ward

Why wait until you are stuck?

Clarify your Starting Place!