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Looking at possibilities and practicalities, I combine the 35,000 foot view of workplace trends with career and job search pragmatism!

Martina Payette, NCC, PCC
Entrepreneurial and Career Coach 


Career Exploration, Career Planning, and Career Strategy are all part of the process of creating a resilient work life. Your career is a living, breathing, evolving landscape. As a sociologist at heart, language lover, and people potential promoter, I closely observe human habits, seek to understand them, and work to make sense of trends and processes. I do this to help people be their best; to make a living, design meaningful career paths, be gainfully employed, and improve their work places in their own way

I’m a naturally curious, thoughtful, and experiential learner with a habit of collecting information and sharing it for the soul pleasure of helping people grow, learn, and thrive during times of career and life change. Finding the “best word” to express a thought and connect the dots delights me.  

Throughout my work life I have sought out opportunities to learn and grow and understand the nuances of human beings at work. As a PCC, NCC certified coach, I have helped hundreds of people – like you – ranging from 18 to 60+ – to navigate the challenges of today’s workplace, create confidence in their career path, job search and/or entrepreneurial venture, and find the workplaces that feed their need to contribute through meaningful, valued work.

Results include reduced fear in the face of change and increased courage to choose a career path that suits you: Career Resilience. And, improved work or job search-related communication skills and relationship building skills to thrive in a range of workplaces and contribute to a positive, equitable, and human/plant/animal friendly world.

I have coached a wide range of professionals across most industries. My best clients are creative technical experts, project managers, supply chain, and arts and science professionals who are both individual contributors and strong team leads. They excel at serving others, however, “selling” themselves is something they would rather not do! 

Professional Credentials: 10 years as an entrepreneur | NCC, Newfield Network Coach Training & Certification | PCC, Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation | Body & Movement Coach Training | Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Training | BA in Sociology | 20+ years in career development/transition. Check out my LinkedIn Profile for details. 

Favourite Quote

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.”
– William Ward

Favourite Books (2019-2020):

• How to Ikigai, Tim Tamashiro
• Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer
• Your Body is Your Brain, Amanda Blake
• Thanks for Being Late, Thomas L. Fried

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