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Are you an entrepreneur looking for help devising a marketing strategy? Sign up for the “LinkedIn From Mystery to Mastery” workshop! Join Allan Fine and Richelle Wiseman at the Blackfoot Hotel on January 31, 2020 from 8am to 6pm. These experienced speakers will reveal the LinkedIn tips and tricks they’ve taught to hundreds of successful businesses. Coffee Breaks and Lunch included!

Who this event is for:

  • Those who are on LinkedIn but don’t know how to use it effectively
  • Those who have heard of lead generation and marketing on LinkedIn, but aren’t sure what they are or where to start
  • Those who want to expand their LinkedIn connections and maximize their networking potential
  • Those who want to create a more effective LinkedIn profile

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Work With Me

Undergoing Career Change

How would it feel to have a clear sense of your values, interests and strengths and where you fit best in today’s marketplace?   Are you ready to explore what you really want and put the career puzzle pieces together?

With a world of choices, a changing marketplace of skills, competencies, and work styles, along with a heightened desire to BE U at work, finding career fit can be confusing and frustrating to navigate.  Let me help you uncover your strengths, values and motivators and put them to work in places that value you for BEing U.

Gaining Confidence

What would work life look and feel like if you had full confidence in yourself? If you knew what you really wanted to do?  If you had a path or an instruction guide to follow?  

Learn to communicate authentically and effectively with colleagues, leaders, and partners to improve your work life relationships and develop your personal reputation and brand. Feel 100% satisfied with your ability to Be U and navigate workplace relationship challenges with more ease and grace.

Learn how self-talk, emotional regulation, and physical presence influences your confidence.  Uncover your self-trust barriers, and rebuild your confidence through new practices and personal development strategies. Feel confident that you can navigate your work life challenges and still Be U.

Developing Resiliency and Flexibility

How would it feel to Be U and have the resilience and agility to find work-life satisfaction in our increasingly uncertain, confusing, and rapidly changing workplace?

Learn how to set boundaries to improve your ability to be resilient and act with agility in complex and uncertain work environments. Uncover what feels safe, what motivates you and how to create self-care practices to anchor yourself no matter what comes your way.  Feel confident in your ability to navigate uncertainty while Being U.

Work with Martina in a Confidential, Safe, and Caring space to sort out the steps, build confidence, and maintain the motivation to succeed, your way!

Self and Team Assessments

Start the inner work as an individual, leader, or together with your entire team. Build emotional and communication style awareness and add confidence to individual and team communication, relationship, leadership, and stress management skills. Learn how to put new practices into action while having a confidential thinking partner to help you maintain learning momentum.

Certified to facilitate learning through EQ-i 2.0  & 360 and Birkman Method™ assessment tools.

Coaching and Consulting

Personal 1-on-1 time with a PCC, NCC certified, caring, confidential coach and strategic thinking partner.  100% of my attention and presence; helping you sort through, uncover, recover, practice, and implement steps toward 100% work-life satisfaction.  

Group Facilitation and Speaking

Are you looking for a personal or career development facilitator/speaker for your next team development meeting, conference, or association event?  Martina can develop a customized group learning session or presentation on topics including:

Work-Life Satisfaction

Sessions help participants: Build awareness of current blocks to work life satisfaction and the motivators for change.   Understand current market trends and how to position yourself for future career opportunities.  Design steps and actions for improving work-life satisfaction.

Career Strategy Skills

Sessions help participants: Build personal awareness of current communication and networking skills and learn new skills to: Build brand reputation and career relationships, Network with confidence, and Interviewing successfully with prep, practice and presence.

Workplace Communication

Sessions help participants:  Prepare effectively for performance reviews. Review and unpack work-life performance challenges.  Re-frame and improve interpersonal communication skills, listening skills, and conversational savvy to ensure success and satisfaction in the workplace.

Interested in Reaching Out to Martina?

Why Do the Inner Work?

Martina creates a positive, safe, and engaging learning space for individuals to share experiences, learn new skills, and experience performance practice before they leave the room. Using assessment tools and conversation, she helps people identify their strengths, challenges, and how to bring their best self to work each day.

Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

What’s all the buzz about Emotional Intelligence and the Entrepreneurial mindset?  What’s so different in today’s workplaces?  Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are exhausted or more easily frustrated these days?  Maybe you are finding it difficult to re-create your work identity as a means to career progression?

You are not alone; the technical and personal leadership skills of today’s workplace require new skills and personal resilience.  The service and communication-based work world may be stretching your personal coping skills beyond your comfort zone.  Learn more about how to make your emotions work for you rather than disrupt you, as well as how to gain the self-awareness and entrepreneurial mind-set that you need for work-life satisfaction in today’s workplaces.   (BirkmanTM &  EQ-i2.0  are great assessments for inner work).

How would it feel if you had a clear idea of where to start and what the key is to increase your level of work-life satisfaction?  Below are a few questions that can help you begin to bring awareness to areas of your life that may need a little attention. 


You are the energy source of your life, and your energy directly affects your capacity to feel confident and do the work of your career and your life. What are your physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices? Are you in the midst of personal change or navigating a family member’s challenges? Martina can help you explore techniques to improve your own well-being and revitalize your energy source in order to improve your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

Competence and Compensation

Are you noticing that your work to-do’s are most often last on the list or become “home” work? Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and wondering where your work-life balance went?  Or are you instead bored, frustrated, or unengaged in your role?  Martina can help you commit to learning new skills in order to work more effectively, or look for new opportunities to help you stay on top of your tasks or overcome your slump.

Environment and Culture

Are you finding your commute a drain on your energy? Is the physical environment of your workspace working for you? How about the values and products of your organization? Are you no longer able to align with the values of or direction your leadership, department, company, or industry is going? Martina can help you sort through these questions, so your commute and your environment can better suit your individual needs.


Are you noticing that your time and energy are spent mostly on communication challenges in your personal or professional relationships? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with information and unable to clearly understand what others expect of you? Have you recently moved into a new role and noticed a drop in your confidence or ability to meet the expectations of the role? Communication is a learned skill, and Martina can help you gain confidence in listening to people, understanding what they’re really saying, and having the courage to ask for help when you need it.

Interested in More?

What would it be like to take your job satisfaction to a new level?

Do you have a question about career change, communication, or work-life satisfaction that you want to gain clarity on?  

Interested in learning more about how working with Martina can help you find the career fit you want? Or improve your communication and professional/personal relationships to create the work-life satisfaction you crave?   

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