Create Your Career Strategy

You’ve explored yourself and the market to clarify your CAREER PATH and are ready to incorporate the information and resources into career strategies that will start to put all the career puzzle pieces together?

You may be overwhelmed by the amount of information, workplace change, web content and are struggling to make sense of it all in a useful way. This is where the dreaming and birds-eye view perspective begins to meet the pragmatic and real world of bringing words and ideas into action to build your career strategies.

Developing career strategies is the implementation phase of your career change. I can help you sort through what you’ve learned, weigh the options, talk it out loud and from that, create a career action plan, build a communication plan and the marketing tools to put your career strategies into action.

Looking to Finally Put all the Puzzle Pieces Together? Martina Can Help You:

  • Organize your research and match you with the market needs
  • Conduct Market Fit assessments
  • Conduct Career Gap analysis to build awareness of the full requirements of the path
  • Identify resources to help you make the change
  • Create marketing tools:
    • Resume and LinkedIn reviews and/or referrals to the best writers if that’s what you need.
    • Cover letters, networking and interview emails, portfolio development
    • Interview and networking prep, practice for confidence and presence to land what you want.
    • Social media review and strategy that fits who you are
  • Search implementation: create a career action plan,  help you stay motivated and deal with the ups and downs and inevitable rejection of a job search,  access to Tuesday Tune-up Community & Tips

Ready to Get Started?