We offer a variety of services tailored to individuals and entrepreneurs seeking help with networking and interviewing, resumes, career change, business startup, and career research.

1-On-1 Monthly Coaching Package

For new entrepreneurs, career changers, and job seekers looking for work-life balance, a refreshed career strategy, and tips on how to make a career change, or take that first step into entrepreneurship.

• Four 60-minute personalized virtual coaching sessions
• Unlimited email and text communication for questions, concerns, and follow-up

More Packages

Career Change Strategy

“I don’t know where to start”

For career changers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs looking to evaluate their career path and job search strategy, seeking market research, and needing help clarifying their offer.

• Review of current resume + career situation
• Targeting research + marketing plan
• Idea generation for new career paths to explore
• Clarifying current skills + competencies
• Help engaging with + cultivating a network
• Action plan

Quick Pick Tune-Ups

“I just need a little help with…”

For career changers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs looking for quick help with an element of their professional career journey.

• Networking help
• Job search strategy
• Salary negotiation help
• Skills gap analysis
• Interview help
• And more…

Reset Your Search

“My job search has stalled”

For career changers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs who have hit a wall with their career search and need help reframing and resetting their journey.

• Review of current job search activity
• Review of current resume + LinkedIn profile
• Networking/Interview/Negotiation assessment + reset
• Action plan

Career Change in Uncertain Times

“I really want a change but I don’t know where to start”

For career changers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs looking to clarify their current and transferable skills, create their transition path, and design blueprints for implementing their plans and achieving their career goals.

Program will run bi-weekly, Jan. 12th – Mar. 12th

  • Tune-In
    • Clarify interests and career path (with EQ-i, MotivationFinder, and/or The Birkman)
    • Start to build your career message
    • How to manage self-talk + emotions when starting a new career journey
  • Tune-Up
    • Match your career message to the market
    • Craft your networking and interview communication skills
    • Explore job market research
    • Analyze and prepare job search tools (resume, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Take Action
    • Practice your career message (networking and interview communication)
    • Learn from the search process
    • Create your action plan
    • Generate action in your search and find leads
    • Navigate job search detours
    • Nurture your network
    • Bonus Q&A with best practices to implement what you’ve learned